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獨演  在這舞台上
對手是孤寂  對白是喃喃自語

孤寂  在這人群中

鏡子裏透不出的影像  對影卻無人

我舞著 跳著 演著那沒有劇本的劇本

這場悲歡盡演  卻相應無人的 獨角。戲!

I act alone on the stage. 
The counterpart is loneliness. And the dialogues are mumbles. 
I feel desolate in the crowd because my alter ego is nowhere to be found. 
The image is not reflected in a mirror. 
I am along with my shadow, but there is no one else. 
I dance and act out the non?scripted script. 

And after years go by, it is uncertain whether there will still be this scene in faded
memories—the monologue with the joys and sorrows played out but no one responding.  

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